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Why is a regular routine massage so important?

Why a regular massage should be important and a regular diary entry for you!

So, with years of experience in the wellness area, I can definitely vouch for a routine visit to your massage therapist. Not only will it help you keep on top of your game it has so many other benefits which I will go into a little further for you in this blog today.

What stands out to me is that massage is SO much more than just a therapy to decrease stress and increase relaxation. Massage can also -

- Increase circulation.

- Decrease scar tissue.

- Increase range of motion.

- Lower blood pressure.

- Reduce anxiety and sleeplessness.

- And so many more.....

There is a very good article from the Mayo Clinic which sheds some light on the right type of massage for you. See link below.

Finding the right therapist for you and someone you feel comfortable with is a good place to start. From there we can work on any injuries, muscle restrictions or general wellness issues. Following your tailored massage treatment, certain modalities such as stretching and gentle exercises to increase strength and enhance mobility can be added to your wellness program.

Finally, how often you have a regular massage is up to you. It is beneficial to have a massage every week to begin with then once every 4-6 weeks depending on the issue being addressed, injury, your time and budget. Just a few little adjustments to make yourself a priority and you are on your way.

Call or message me at Tandra Jensen Wellness for any questions you may have and if I don't know, I will endeavour to find out. Most importantly if I don't feel I am the right fit for your concerns I will be able to advise of a suitable alternative therapist for you.

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