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Journey Back To Your Heart Centre

Finding peace within and taking the journey back to your heart centre. At this time more than ever we need to journey within and find our inner balance. Being thankful, love and compassion are key. Fear is not fundamental to our nature and love is our nature and appreciating what is good. This challenge is offering us a new path, a path of grace. We have moved away from our central nature and negative behaviour has taken place in some areas. Profound change is happening now and looking more deeply towards our self. Letting go of fear that has been infused into our psyche and nature and begin to wake up and discover what is real and true.

Within you is a place of real stillness, peace and beauty, far from fear. Mankind must become kind and find our real spirit in the heart of our being. The real you is not lost, it is held deep within you and waiting to be found. Take the opportunity to go within and by not looking externally you will discover more and more of you.

Grace is here to guide us through difficult times. Being thankful and giving thanks. Thank you, thank you for existence, thank you for life, this body, senses and mind. Thank you for those who love you, your family, your health and wellbeing. Thank you for air, nature, breath and thank you to life. This will change the energy field around you. Simple thing to bring you back to peace and gratitude and takes away depression, anxiety, stress and fear. Thank you, thank you. Bless you.

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