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Holistic Wellness Coaching

A gentle yet empowering process

The Holistic Coaching process involves varying mainstream and alternative methods that may include quantum kineseology,  meditation, healings and channelling. 

Creating a dynamic and fully uplifting approach to your inner being journey. Filling every cell of your body with life changing processes. 

As a light code practitioner, assisting you with clarity around a situation and transforming into the higher realms of existence. Quantum shifts connecting to your soul family opening the atoms of your body to allow the light to permeate.

During periods of interference from stress and patterning this can cloud our progress forward. We can alter this by shifting consciousness into a state of higher vibration creating

calm and clarity.

Empowering you through your transition process to create the life you aspire to. Finding your purpose and living with intent and alignment, fulfilling your prophecy.  We dive in and unlock the blockages holding you back, transforming into higher energy alignment. activating a higher alignment process.

Connecting you to your inner inherent

knowing and creating freedom within.

Healing and nurturing the mind, body and soul. Nourishing the body with high vibration foods, positive focus and intent. Unlocking hidden gifts and talents.

Lets connect and start creating your individualised journey to enhance your life with a personalised one-on-one private consultation via phone, zoom or in person.