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Wellness Business Development Consulting: Services


Empowering women in business to connect to their Devine Wellness Business Plan to bring a connected and inspiring result to aspiring Health and Wellness professionals.

On this journey we work through the imbalances to create clear guidance to become crystal clear on your business purpose and intent. Bringing your talents to the fore to assist you on the message you want to portray to assist individuals requiring change in their lives.

Overcome and heal challenges, release limitations, master your life and relationships. Empowering women to become crystal clear on their business vision and outcomes. 

Consultations are not limited by space, time or distance. Distance sessions can be completed in your own space and are as deeply effective as in person. 

Your Empowerment Session - By Phone/Skype - 1 Hr @ $300.00 per session.  A deep session bringing knowledge and alignment to your entire business.

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