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As an accredited Remedial Massage Therapist with over two decades of experience, each massage flows intuitively, utilising a range of techniques to both align and bring your body back into balance to improve function and movement whilst reducing muscular pain and discomfort.

Providing a nurturing approach of peace and calm.  If you are seeking relief from muscular tension, stress or simply self care.

From the moment you step through our front doors, we aspire to ensure your comfort and wellbeing are priority.

Health Fund Rebates are available for Private Health Cover.

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The Vodder method is and advanced massage technique using a very gentle 'light touch' form of massage using circular and spiral shaped movements. Encouraging the flow of lymph fluid in specific directions around the body.
It can prevent and remedy fluid retention, joint swelling, cellulite, weight loss, respiratory and immune conditions, stress chronic fatigue and general well being.
After a single session, you’ll start to see changes to your body, mind and energy levels. Especially beneficial for women who have undergone breast surgery.
Your session - 1.5hrs @ $160.00 per session.

Pressure Points


Part of my work in the last few years has been working with our more experienced members of the community. Assisting to manage body pain and discomfort, maintain mobility and tailoring a plan to suit your needs. This can be part of an Aged Care Package, Independently Funded or your Private Health Fund.
Your session - 1 hr @ $150.00 per session

Back Massage


Bringing the body back into balance and alignment utilising massage techniques, stretch and strengthening techniques. Assess and treat myofascial pain, injury and disfunction that is affecting movement and mobility. Taking into account the person as a whole, helping to activate the natural healing processes as well as restoring physical and emotional well-being.

Some common musculoskeletal imbalances that can be effectively treated are Neck and Back pain, Headaches/Migraines, Chronic overuse syndromes, Whiplash, Poor posture, Sciatica, Scoliosis and Kyphosis

After an Initial Assessment an individual treatment plan will be discussed.

Your session - 1 hr @ $120.00 per session


Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life and a pregnancy massage supports and nurtures you through your pregnancy journey post the first trimester (12 weeks).
Pregnancy massage is a gentle technique and can help reduce stress, mange pain, improve blood flow, relax muscles and improve sleep.
Your session - 1hr @ $100.00
Check you Private Health Fund for rebate options.

Holding Tummy
Health Treatments: Services


Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle flowing stye of massage that can help reduce stress, mange pain, improve blood flow, relax muscles and improve sleep. Bringing a sense of overall calmness and deep relaxation.

Your session - 1hr @ $100.00

Check you Private Health Fund for rebate options.

Health Treatments: Services



This is a Remedial Massage service provided to specialised group retreats. To help restore balance and calm and escape the business of life. Special you time. Please get in touch for rates and availability.

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Health Treatments: Services
Health Treatments: Services


Movement and Stretch Therapy correcting imbalances in structure, function, mobility, strength and ultimately flexibility. 

An integral part of your treatment will be guidance on stretching, strengthening and diagnosing postural imbalances as part of a treatment plan. 

Designed to stretch and strengthen specific muscles with the goal of increasing flexibility and range of movement to specific areas; encouraging whole body dynamics and function with ultimately a reduction in pain and improved performance.

Stand alone session - 1 hr @ $ 100.00 per session.

Health Treatments: Services
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It is time now, more than ever to bring these gifts through to assist people on their self discovery journeys.  

During your session, you are gently guided to navigate your inner being to raise levels of consciousness from 3D to 5D welcoming the new grids and ascension processes.

Discovering your soul's unique path and purpose, bringing a sense of calm and empowerment that gets stronger and clearer as time goes by.

$200.00 per session.

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