About TJW

The Journey So Far

Tandra is ultimately an intuitive energy worker and kinesiologist, bringing through spiritual guidance from source and higher intuition. It is time now, more than ever to bring her gifts through to assist people on their self discovery journeys.  

A teacher to the teachers.  In this current spiritual quickening it is now more than ever imperative to grow and ascend to the higher realms from the 3D level we are accustomed to.  Tandra works primarily with the teachers who are already accustomed to walking this path and are growing their personal growth and ascension journey and also those beginning their ascension process.

Tandra has spent twenty years quietly studying and training as a Holistic Transition Coach. Continuing to heal, align and grow into the different ascension levels. Allowing the space and time to heal and it is this journey that allows Tandra to offer her guidance, inspiration and wisdom to others on a similar journey. 

Creating a loving connection where the individual can feel safe, bringing through the higher codes and blueprints unique to each individuals' ascension and journey.


0400 909 438

North Brisbane  Qld.
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