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We use technology in all shapes and sizes from ipads to desktop and mobile phones. For the most part of the day our lives are consumed by these devices for our work and play. One common theme they all represent is a pain in the neck quite literally.

Always watch the posture of your head and neck while using these devices to minimize the onset of neck strain and muscle soreness.

If you find yourself at the end of the day with headaches and neck soreness revisit the way you use these devices and be mindful of your posture whilst using them. Try to bring the device up to eye height as much as possible and checking your screen time. These will all help to minimize any discomfort and reduce tension and headaches. Remember to breathe and not to hold your breath or shallow breathe while in screen time.

Remove yourself from the desk as much as possible during the day and stretch your neck, shoulders and upper back. Taking big deep breaths as you go. Inhale and exhale to replenish the body of healthy oxygen to rejuvenate the brain. Happy working day.

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