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Saunas and Hot Tubs

A Sauna or A Hot Tub is an ideal way to end the day and is especially helpful pre- massage treatment so you arrive at the table with more relaxed muscles allowing for deeper stretching and muscle relief. It is important to keep hydrated post both treatments to prevent dehydration. You can also have saunas or hot tubs post-massage and the benefits are slightly different, in that it will further enhance the detoxifying benefits.

Saunas can aid in recovery after intense physical activity by relaxing muscles and soothing aches and pains in both muscles and joints. It does this by increasing the blood flow which in turn speeds up the body's natural healing process.

A sauna can help to flush toxins, that are built up in the body from our everyday environment. They can also assist with stress reduction and reduce the risk of depression and anxiety.

They also help with cardiovascular health and performance, helping to reduce hypertension. Improving the arterial compliance, which means the arteries are generally healthier and better able to handle additional stresses.

Last but not least of the many benefits of Saunas and Hot Tubs is a deep and restful sleep. Why not try adding this to your health and wellness regime.

Yours in Health and Wellness.


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